Friendship Flag And Summerville – Stronger Than Ever

The “World Friendship Flag” is still flying high Summerville, Georgia.

And that’s the perfect place for it, since Summerville is “The Friendship Capitol Of The World.” You might not have known that.

And once again, the flag has a connection to the Summer Olympics.

The “World Friendship Flag” is a project that started as a fundraiser. The goal, now and always, is to help poor children all across the world.

As well as promote world peace.  And since Summerville is the “Friendship Capitol Of The World,” the two go hand in hand. A perfect marriage.

“What else could you pride more than being a friendly place to be. When tourists and visitors come in, they always comment on how friendly we are. With the flag starting here, it’s the perfect place to be the Friendship Capitol Of The World!”

John Turner is a local teacher.  He was the one who had the idea. The flag making its debut at the ’96 Summer Games in Atlanta.

And now it’s come full circle. Since Summerville gymnast Brody Malone is taking part IN the current Summer Games in Tokyo.

A smaller version of the flag bears the signature of the locals. It will be Brody Malone’s to keep!!

“The “Friendship Flag” has been a big part of Summerville since its inception back in the mid-90’s. But let’s face it: nobody thought we’d still be talking about the flag some 25 years later!”

“No! No, I didn’t think it would get this big! But we’re seeing that it’s going to grow!!”

The flag has been everywhere these past 25 years. From the “Field of Dreams” in Iowa, to the United States Capitol in DC.

Promoting peace and friendship.

It’s never been about bringing money into Summerville. But the recognition certainly doesn’t hurt!!

“I think being the Friendship Capitol Of The World will certainly help us. It will bring people here!”

So the beat goes on! The flag will probably next appear on the campus of various colleges.

The motto is “logo to logo – picking up mojo!”

And hey, everybody needs a friend!

By the way, Summerville just finished up its first ever “Friendship Festival” this past weekend!

It will become an annual event!

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