Frigid Temperatures have Tennesseans Flocking to Hardware Stores

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – It’s a hat on, hood up type of day in the Tennessee Valley.

One Chattanooga resident tells News 12, "I’m fixing to go insulate some water lines.  I’m hoping it’s enough, I’m hoping."

For many it’s hard to think about anything else.

Now, if you thought Monday afternoon was cold, just wait until Tuesday morning.

You’ll most likely feel temperatures near the 20 degree mark.

It could be the coldest morning we’ve felt so far, and technically it’s not even winter yet.

The first day of winter is December 21st.

Chris Scutella, the manager at Elder’s Ace Hardware Store in Chattanooga, says, "A lot of folks looking for pipe wrap, making sure their pipes are insulated correctly, looking for outside faucet covers."

Residents are also buying heaters.

Scutella says he has seen an increase in customers since last week.

Scutella adds, "I think last year the storm came and hit us, kinda surprised a lot of people. So, we had a lot of items already in stock and we were able to stock back up."

20 degrees in the morning is not normal for this time of year.

The blast of arctic air will keep kids off playgrounds, and leaves frozen until mother nature decides to warm us all up this weekend.

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