From the Archives: Riverbend 25 Years Ago

  We continue our look back at Riverbend 25 years ago, but remembering when the Festival took a day off during the week.
  It was a chance to clean up and re-charge before the closing weekend.
  In 1989, reporter Craig Ehm takes a tongue-in-cheek look at all the activity down at Ross’s Landing on the off day.

Thursday at Riverbend is fun.  Crashing the gate while no one is looking for my press pass.  No standing in line with discomfort.  And there are events that people don’t know much about, like the water truck versus the four wheeler in a 100 yard dash.
  Or even competition chair straightening. Yes folks, we’re talking endurance when you’re dealing with thousands of "hiney-binders."
"I suppose you can set your own pace too."
"yeah, it’s like I set my own pace and everything and when we get through we just go to the next spot."
  "One thing’s for certain about Riverbend.  You gotta come early to get a good seat."
  One that will let you move and groove.
"it’s closed. Closed til tomorrow at five."
  Officer Garrett says his task for today is keeping the cooler full of ice.
  And taking a look around, even the trash cans are empty.  That’s mainly because of the work that Joyce Kinser does.
"I enjoy it.  It’s fun to be around all the people and the amusement."
  Now if you have the opinion that I’m the only one here at the Riverbend festival on a slow day, think again.
"what brings you out here today?"
"just look around."
"do you know that today is kind of the slow day?"
"we’re going to look at it first and go to the Choo Choo afterwards."
I guess that proves that there is always something for everyone at this year’s Riverbend.
Craig Ehm, Newscenter 12.

   The only activity on that Thursday was a big band dance at the Choo Choo that night.

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