Future of Collegedale park still up in the air

COLLEGEDALE, Tennessee (WDEF) – Collegedale Commissioners are debating on how to move forward with a possible Little Debbie park.

Commissioners say former City Manager Ted Rodgers was making plans for it for two years, without telling them.

They debated if they should move forward with the park, since it wasn’t previously discussed.

A donation from Little Debbie would cover most of the cost of the park, but commissioners feel they’d have to raise taxes to cover to maintenance costs.


“I think it’s not right for us to ask them to spend more money on the redesign of the park because of all the good faith they were acting in. If they’re open to doing a redesign at the city’s cost to help it to have input from everybody could that be an option? And are we as a commission willing to fork out the money to invest ourselves?”

The final vote was to defer the decision as they gather more information.

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