Gadgets, Carguments and Reagans are all back tonight on CBS Friday premieres

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) The Friday Night lineup returns in tact this fall at CBS. That means three established dramas are back. Here is the scoop on their new seasons.

8 PM MacGyver

MacGyver is back tonight to save a Navy SEAL with just a soccer ball and a cell phone. But it’s the long term story lines that fans are salivating for. This season, we get a lot more Murdoc, as MacGyver tracks down his nemisis.

Plus he’ll also spend the season tracking down his father. And no, it’s not who you think. Executive producer Peter Lenkov has long been trying to book Richard Dean Anderson (the original MacGyver) for the show. But he says making him MacGyver’s father would be too obvious. He wants to surprise fans with an Anderson appearance.

9 PM Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0 returns for season 8 with one of the biggest action set pieces they’ve ever tried. We’re also getting a new team to support Danny and McGarrett.
Producers also promise the return of several baddies from the past this seaosn, like Claire Forlani, Randy Couture, and Chris Vance. And of course, more “carguements.” They even made an animated one online for fans.

10 PM Blue Bloods

They literally are burning down the show on Blue Bloods. Last season ended with Danny’s home going up in flames. But the other explosion was the sudden resignation of Mayor Poole. Now in the new season premiere, the Reagan family has an uncertain future in the NYPD.

Frank Reagan is butting heads with the new mayor, played by Lorraine Bracco this season. And Danny is considering retiring.

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