Gas prices shoot up around Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Gas prices have been defying history this spring nationally and here in our area.

Usually prices climb heading into spring break, but this year they actually dropped.

However, the balance tipped the other way last week according to the survey.

Prices in Chattanooga rose 4.8 cents a gallon.

That’s higher than the 4.3 cent jump nationally.

“We long anticipated seeing gasoline prices beginning to rise en masse in the spring, but uncharacteristically, it took until nearly April Fool’s Day for it to begin. There’s no fooling this time- the rally in prices does seem to be more credible as oil and gasoline markets rebound,” said Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for

The average price here in town is now $2.03, just where we were a month ago before the spring drop.

But it will probably continue to climb.

“Motorists should expect to see a more sustained upward trend at the pump through Memorial Day, but thankfully the seasonal rise could still be less severe than what we’ve seen in prior years,” DeHaan added.

The cheapest price in Chattanooga now is $1.89, and you can find it all over town, Brainerd Road, East Brainerd, Signal Mountain Road, Red Bank, and Hixson

You can also find $1.89 at the Costco on Cloud Springs Road.

The lowest price in Cleveland is $1.91 at several locations.

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