Gas Prices Still Rising in Tennessee

        February didn’t take it easy on gas prices.
        The average price for regular unleaded climbed by 35 cents nationally during the month.
        And they have now risen for 34 days in a row.
        Over the last week, prices jumped 5-6 cents in Tennessee and Georgia, according to Triple A.
        But it has been much worse in California, which is affecting the national average.
        And prices traditionally climb higher in March.
        But Gas Buddy reports prices in Chattanooga have not moved  in the past week, averaging $2.14/g yesterday. 
        Experts still don’t see a major run up this summer.
        “Gas prices should not reach $3 a gallon this year, especially if the price of oil remains below $60 a barrel,” AAA Spokesman Mark Jenkins said.
        “Gas prices will be relatively volatile in the coming months, but should decline by the summer following the end of maintenance season.”

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