Gas shortages, rising gas prices across the region

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — As travelers hit the road for Labor Day Weekend festivities, gas shortages and increased prices are still affecting their trips.

Gas stations in Hixson, Chattanooga, and Ooltewah all have had recent shortages.

“Yesterday, we got one delivery and now they are not sure when they will deliver the next supply, or when we get them, we are not sure about that. But right now, we are okay with that,” said Shila Shukla who works at a Shell station.

Yet, the number of gas stations running out of fuel seems to be going down.

What seems to be going up are the prices.

According to the Associated Press, the Colonial Pipeline says it plans to shut down a key line that supplies gasoline to the South due to storm-related refinery shutdowns as well as Hurricane Harvey’s effect.

“They supply the gas at higher prices, we have to increase the price because we get the oil at higher price,” Shukla said.

Charts on gas buddy dot com show that regardless of increased prices, Chattanooga still is at least fourteen cents lower than the national average and six cents lower than the state average.

One particular driver, Penny Rea, says that she isn’t surprised people are filling up their cars because they may be afraid of gas prices continuing to go up.

“I’m so used to the cheap prices here in Tennessee or this area in Tennessee,” Rea said.

The pipeline provides about 40 percent of the South’s gasoline.

With normal Chattanooga prices being $2.05 as of last month, people are now seeing average prices of $2.47 .

A $0.079 increase from yesterday, and a $0.418 increase from last week, according to Gas Buddy’s live ticking fuel insight.

“If you find good gas prices, grab em, if you can’t just fill up where you can,” Rea advised.

There is no estimate yet on how long closures are expected to last.

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