Gas Tax Increase Proposal Reaction

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- News 12 got a chance to catch up with two state representatives on what they thought of the tax increase and went to social media to see what people around the Tennessee Valley have been saying.

State Representative Todd Gardenhire states, “This is really not a tax increase it’s just a reshuffling of the taxes and it allows people that aren’t Tennessee residents to pay a good portion of our road funds”

State representatives like Todd Gardenhire of Chattanooga are grateful for the gas tax hike of up to 7 cents per gallon to help it much needed infrastructure.

“We really got 40 bridges to be replaced or expanded and that doesn’t account to buying the right to go around lookout mountain or over the top of the road or building another road across moccasin bend… it doesn’t account going through the ridge either so there is a lot a money that needs to be in our area and i think this is one thing we need to do. It’s vitally needed.” said Gardenhire.

Going by the numbers if this proposal was to go through it would mean a 7 cent per gallon increase but with the plan comes a decrease as well.

There will be a 0.5% sales tax cut on grocery food store purchases and in addition cut takes to accommodate major manufacturers like Chattanooga based Volkswagen plant.

State Representative Kevin Brooks of Cleveland says, ” I am very thankful for the positive feedback that we are getting. I know that on our Facebook pages and other areas , just walking around Cleveland, Cooks Food Store, Cracker Barrel. People are stopping us and saying ‘We get it, we know that to get the infrastructure and the transportation needs that are current’… not to mention the growth that we are headed towards ‘we understand’.”

With that we went to Facebook to see what other types of comments were made.

After looking under Bill Haslam’s page we didn’t see much support for the bill.

One stating… No gas tax! it really penalizes those in rural Tennessee that must commute distances just to make a living.

Now that is one side of the Facebook comments.

We still want to hear from more of our viewers, tell us on our Facebook page to voice your opinion.

Are you for or against the tax increase?

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