GBI changes manner of death for Dj Fickey

WALKER COUNTY, Ga (WDEF) – In October of 2016, Donald Fickey, known as DJ, was shot and killed.

Law enforcement immediately ruled the death a suicide, but his family and their private investigator has reason to believe that it was a homicide. 

“My mom has the text messages where he was texting her up until the moment he was shot; begging, fearing for his life. He was saying ‘im gonna die if i don’t get out of here. You gotta come get me now.’ SO we knew right away it was not a suicide,” says Amanda Shirley, Sister of DJ Fickey.

“All cases should be treated as a homicide and investigated as a homicide and not investigated as a suicide. You let the evidence dictate what the case is going to be. Everything that they did was wrong in this case,” says Eric Echols, Private Investigator. 

Now, after four years, the Georgia Bureau of Investigations tells News 12 that the medical examiner has received additional information regarding the case.  The manner of death will no longer be listed as a suicide because it  is now considered  to be “undetermined.” 

The family says this is a huge win for the justice system and for their family.

“I was so shocked. I never would have imagined this would have happened. The GBI does not change the manner of deaths on an autopsy. This is huge, huge, huge,” says Shirley.

The family says their next step is to speak with Walker County officials to have the case revisited. 

“This is an open door. This should be when they reopen the case,  take it to a grand jury, get an indictment and move forward with justice,” says Shirley. 

The family is hopeful that this change will result in justice for DJ

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