GBI shows new rending of unidentified Jane Doe from 1988

TRENTON, Georgia (WDEF) – The GBI is hoping the interest in a serial killer’s story may help them solve another Cold Case in Dade County.

There was some initial confusion that the woman found along I 59 in 1988 was part of Samuel Little’s confessions, but it wasn’t.

Sheriff Ray Cross says Little’s DNA was compared to this victim, and there was no match. We told you last week about the other case he has been connected to in Dade.

In this case, a couple of Georgia DOT workers found the body of a young woman along the side of the interstate on Friday, December 16,1988.

It was about five miles up I 59 from the Alabama line around Rising Fawn.

Investigators believe the victim was killed somewhere else and dumped there.

“We have no idea where she could be from” says GBI investigator Joe Montgomery.

They have few leads on either the victim or the killer.

“We did an extensive search at that time in the Tri-County area and nationwide and were unable to locate anybody.”

They believe she was between 25 and 35 in age, 5 foot seven, 125 pounds.

They are not releasing the manner of death.

Little may not be involved in this murder, but the GBI admits this could be related to other Jane Doe cases.

“There are some in other states that are very similar to this… in other parts of the country.”

The GBI has never dropped this case, despite no new leads.

The new reconstruction replaces the old one from 20 years ago that had begun to deteriorate.

But they hope that new interest from the Little confessions will get people talking again.

And the communications world is a lot different now.

“We’ve come a long way since 1989 with the media… social media and mass media, so we’re hoping that will help us out.”

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