GDOT Install Rumble Strips for Safety

LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, Ga. (WDEF)- Drivers who drifted out of their lane caused half of all deadly crashes in Georgia.

Those numbers come from Georgia’s department of transportation’s 2018 statistics.

About half of THOSE those crashes involved only one vehicle.

G.D.O.T. believes the staggering numbers are a direct result from distracted or impaired driving.

“People have their cell phones out even though we have the law of hands free driving, they’re looking at it. There’s a lot of ways people get distracted it can even be something as simple as changes the radio station” said G.D.O.T. Communication Specialist Joe Schulman.

To help combat the problem, G.D.O.T. is now installing rumble strips. The new rigid feature placed in the center of the road and on the shoulder alerts drivers when they lose focus behind the wheel.

“The rumble strips will help because people are again going back to that distracted driving. They’re moving over, they’re crossing that center line or they’re crossing the edge line. And that thump, thump, thump that you hear from the rumble strips will keep people from doing it” said Schulman.

Schulman says that driving under the influence is not the only way to drive impaired, “Drivers who are tired also can be considered impaired. You’re reflexes are slower if you haven’t slept in a long time. You know you’ve had that long day. You hit that strip and suddenly you’re back focused on driving.”

The thump, thump, thump can also be useful in poor weather conditions.

“If that fog is real bad. It’s snowing or raining, they may not realize they are in a spot where they shouldn’t be and those rumble strips alert them to move back over.”


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