Georgia Department of Health Seeking COVID Vaccine Volunteers

GEORGIA (WDEF) – As the number of COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. hits 400-thousand, the Georgia Department of Public Health is looking for medical and non-medical volunteers to help with the vaccine response in the state.

Volunteer Program Director LaKieva Williams says that they’ve been receiving offers from both medical professionals and just average Georgians looking for ways to help.

“We’ve had over two thousands Georgians step up and say what do you need, I’m willing to do it,” says Williams.

The effort is part of Georgia Responds, the health and medical volunteer program that matches the skills and credentials of medical and non-medical volunteers to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in Georgia.

She says so far, Georgians have been stepping up, with a pretty even split of medical and non-medical volunteers.

But the need for volunteers is growing as the number of COVID deaths continue to climb. The good news is that Williams says you can help out without even leaving your home.

“We have virtual opportunities for volunteers, if they want to assist in a call center capacity, or data entry. We have opportunities for volunteers if they’re more so comfortable just providing that customer service component. So it really depends on the level of comfort that you’re wanting to integrate into that response,” says Williams.

However, she says for Georgians to not discount their skills. While some volunteers might be able to help as medical professionals, they should also be encouraged to bring any other skills to the table.

“I think that it is important for us to not discount our skills. So when we go on there – again, I might be a registered nurse. That’s awesome, but I may also be bilingual, I may have great data entry skills. So never discount what you can bring to the response,” Williams says.

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