Georgia dropping Vaccine age to 16 on Thursday

ATLANTA (WDEF) – Georgia is ready to begin vaccinating all adults in the state as early as this week.

On Tuesday afternoon, Governor Kemp announced that they will drop the age requirement to 16 and above.

“This is our ticket back to normal and we’re getting closer everyday.”

But state officials acknowledge several challenges to vaccinations in Georgia.

— supply shortage

He says CDC data shows that Georgia has gotten the second lowest vaccine doses shipped to them per capita of all the states. The Governor has been sensitive about national rankings showing Georgia is dead last in getting people vaccinated.

— website issues

State officials today acknowledged failings on the state website about scheduling second doses at

They are bringing in more workers to take second appointments at the vaccination sites.

The head of GDOT, who is over the website, said “We apologize that at this moment it hasn’t been that simple.”

— vaccine hesitancy

The Governor admits that they are running into trouble in rural Georgia with people just not wanting or trusting the vaccine.

The problem has been particularly bad in southwest Georgia, even after the Albany area suffered one of the highest death rates in the early stages of the pandemic last year.

The Governor, himself, will get his shot when he travels to the region later in the week.

“I just want to encourage everybody to get the vaccine. I mean, there is no doubt, we’re seeing this across the country, but especially in the south, we’re seeing vaccine hesitancy.  That is concerning. People should not be hesitant.  This is a medical miracle. It’s safe. It’s effective.”

The demand for vaccines has been highest in larger cities and in northeast Georgia.

Health officials report that the state continues to see good news about new cases.

Dr. Toomey reported that both hospitalizations and deaths from Covid-19 are down 40% over the last two weeks.

She reports that variant strains are still a concern.

So far, Georgia has documented 365 cases of new strains.

Most are the British variant, but they have now documented their first case of the Brazilian variant, which is much more resistant to our current vaccines.

The Governor also reports that 74% of Georgia seniors are now vaccinated.

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