Georgia family reunited with lost family

ROCKY FACE, Georgia (WDEF) – This Bible was made in 1840 and was discovered in a North Georgia home by Keith Trip almost 20 years ago.

It contained hand written letters locks of hair poems, like “a mothers love is a jewel rare”

Trip gave it to his mother who asked her friend Dale Wells to try locate the family it belonged to.

“She wanted to know if i could help find the family and get this bible returned to the family it belonged to”

Wells thought it would be impossible but After only 2 hours of research she was able to track down Leona Coker, the granddaughter of the owner.

“After I contacted her on Facebook it took about another week before we made contact.”

Originally Coker thought this whole thing was just a hoax, but now she couldn’t be happier to have this priceless heirloom back in the family.

“I cannot tell you how special this is as a person who loves family history anyway it is just absolutely heart warming I feel like I have got a piece of me back from some where that I never even knew was there”

But Coker had one question.. ‘why did Wells go to so much trouble tracking her down?’

Wells said “All I could imagine is if I had a family heirloom that was out there somewhere.. someone would go to the trouble to return it to me.”

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