Georgia Gov. Kemp vetoes school safety plan, recess mandate

Associated Press

ATLANTA (AP) – Wielding the veto pen for the first time, Georgia’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp has rejected 14 bills and resolutions passed by lawmakers this year.

The vetoes were announced ahead of the May 12 deadline for the governor to consider legislation.

Among the bills and resolutions vetoed by Kemp were proposals to enhance safety at public schools, mandate recess for kindergarten through fifth grades and create joint commissions re-examining boundary disputes with North Carolina and Tennessee.

Kemp vetoed a proposal aimed at increasing school safety in the wake of mass shootings across the country, saying he worried the “well-intentioned” bill would undermine local control.

Democratic lawmakers had urged him to veto the bill, saying vague language requiring schools to report suspicious incidents could lead to racial profiling and over policing.

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