Georgia Recount: more uncounted ballots found

But, so far, the recount numbers haven’t changed the outcome.

On Monday, state officials reported just over 2500 previously uncounted votes in Floyd County.

The new votes came in as 1643 for President Trump and 865 for Joe Biden, a pickup for the President of 778 votes.

On Tuesday, the recount found another 2755 votes that were originally uncounted from a single memory card in Fayette County.

The votes were scanned from a card, but not uploaded properly.  The original record remains.

Of those, 1,577 go for President Donald Trump, and 1,128 for Joe Biden.. a pickup of another 449 votes for the President.

And Gabriel Sterling from the Secretary’s office says they are also investigating more possible uncounted votes in a third county.

Those just involve 224 votes in Walton County from a memory card, but has not been confirmed yet.

The office reports that the other 110 counties to have finished their recounts won’t change the outcome much at all.  Here is that breakdown.

  • 57 counties had no deviations from their original ballot count
  • 21 counties were either plus or minus one off the original ballot count
  • 32 counties are off by single digit numbers and are being investigated

In our area, Murray County had no changes.

Catoosa County had one more for President Trump

Whitfield reported a net swing of 33 for President Trump.

Going into the recount, Joe Biden led Donald Trump by about 14,000 votes.

Now, with the new Floyd and Fayette numbers, the Biden lead is down to 12,929 votes.

Officials say the recount should be finished by midnight on Wednesday.

They promise to publish all the changes on a county-by-county basis.

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