Georgia Renters and Landlords impacted by COVID could get financial relief

CATOOSA COUNTY, Georgia- Financial help is coming to those in need due to the pandemic.

“That not only impacts them but it impacts landlords as well,” said Catoosa County Public Information Officer John Pless.

Georgia is providing financial assistance to aid renters and landlords hurt by the pandemic.

“A lot of our neighbors were impacted directly by Covid. Either they lost a job or they had hours reduced at work,” said Pless.

Georgia has received 552 million dollars from the U.S. Department of Treasury providing up to 15 months of rental and utility assistance. He says With it just becoming available this week it’s too early to know how much Catoosa County is eligible for.

Qualified candidates for the Georgia Rental Assistance Program must be renters, have a reduced income due to COVID-19. As well as People who could likely become homeless and make 80 percent or less of the area median income.

There are certain requirements you know you can’t just say, I’ve been impacted by Covid give me money. You’re going to have to have a demonstrated need.

The financial assistance can go to past due rent, as well as current and future rent bills. It can also pay past utility bills. Funds will be paid directly to landlords and service providers.

“There are some people, who survive on making money through rental properties. Obviously, they are impacted as well so if your landlord and this has impacted you go online and apply,” said Pless.

He says this pandemic has been tough on a lot of people financially.

“It’s something that’s going to last months if not years. This is a way to basically provide people a safety net so they have the most basic human need which is a safe warm place to stay,” said Pless.

If you are interested in applying or finding out more information click here.

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