Georgia runoff election in Catoosa County

CATOOSA COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) – Ballots came into the Catoosa County Freedom Center after polls closed at 7 Tuesday night.

Once there, the poll workers arranged them in stacks according to precincts before the ballots were scanned and tabulated.

“So it is a very meticulous process. It’s being watched by numerous people,” Catoosa County PIO John Pless said.

That included a review panel.

“If there are any anomalies, you know, there are going to be multiple pairs of eyeballs that are going to look at that. For example, if there is a piece of paper or ballot that has a fold or a crease or a tear in it where there maybe some reason that it may not scan correctly, several people have to review that,” Pless said.

The panel is bipartisan and includes a republican and a democrat.

Catoosa County Democratic Party Chair Cathy Griffith is on the panel.

She explained what they do when they review a ballot.

“The republican and I look at the ballot and recreate a duplicate ballot so that it will be counted and we agree,” she said.

“You try to figure out what the voters intent was, if it’s questionable at all, but usually it’s a tear. Sometimes people will X out one candidate and then mark the other and obviously that’s a voter intent question.”

There is a third person on the panel from the board of elections, but Griffith said in all of the times she’s been on the panel that there has never been a time when the republican and democrat did not agree.

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