Georgia Same-Sex Marriage Campaign Moves Step Forward

GEORGIA,(WDEF)-A case on same-sex marriage lodged by Lambda Legal, who are a national gay rights group, will go ahead according to an Atlanta judge.

Tara Borelli, Lambda Legal Attorney,"This case has been at an early stage for a while, the state asked the judge to throw it out and say there’s nothing to be heard here and gave the same tired old excuses about children and procreation, last Thursday the judge said that is not good enough."

Borelli and her team say this landmark decision gives them a fighting chance and she remains optimistic.

"We may know as soon as this coming Friday it could be the following Tuesday but within a week or so, we really hope to hear a case that the supreme court has taken a case for this term and if they do, that means we would get a decision by June 2015."

Gay rights activists in North Georgia are excited by the ruling.

Willie McBride, Georgia Gay Rights Activist,"As a gay man, we are people, we do have our rights and we should be able to marry who we want to marry."

McBride says he has been fighting for same-sex rights since before Georgia voters approved a constitutional ban on gay marriage back in 2004.

"Going back to the 60’s there has been a struggle for civil rights trying to get rights to vote and stuff, as far as the LGBT community it’s a struggle for them to have rights for same-sex marriage, for domestic partnership or for insurance for their partners."

Some North Georgia elected officials have a different opinion.

State Representative Steve Tarvin,"I believe that government should not be involved in marriage at all, the truth is if gay and lesbian people want to live together it is none of my business."

Same-sex marriages are now recognized and are legal in 36 U.S. States including North Carolina and Virginia.

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