Georgia Talks Chubb, Haircuts, and a Children’s Book at SEC Media Days

Hoover, AL-(WDEF) Plenty of hub-bub on Nick Chubb for Georgia yesterday at SEC media days. WDEF News 12’s Jamal Williams has the report.

  I’m here in Hoover, Alabama, for the final day of SEC Media Days, where the Georgia Bulldogs were on hand to talk about the upcoming season. And while they fielded a lot of questions about the on-going quarterback battle, they also fielded even more questions about the man that quarterback will be sharing a backfield with, Nick Chubb.
Said linebacker Jordan Jenkins,"One thing you have to adjust for is he is big, but he’s also shifty and quick, so you can’t just coming in, flying balls off the wall trying to knock him out because he will shake you out of your shoes. Tackling Chubb is a hard thing to do, and if you aren’t careful, you might get run over"
Said head coach Mark Richt,"I like him because he shows up everyday, works his tail off believes in what we are doing, is a great teammate, and he is becoming a great leader as well"
   While the majority of today’s conversation revolved around football, there were also some off the field topics as well, like Mark Richt’s new hair cut.
Said Jenkins,"Ya’ll have all seen Coach Richt’s haircut now right? We didn’t know he had cut his hair off. There was some guy around the stadium, and we walked past him 2 or 3 times, and one time he waved, and I was just like who is that guy?"
   The Bulldogs seem like they are trying new things this off season. Mark Richt tried a new haircut, and wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell tried his hand at writing a children’s book called "The Magician’s Hat."
Said Mitchell,"I was inspired by just some of the other stories I have read, other children’s books I have viewed, and also inspired by all the kids I have visited at the school "
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