Georgia Troopers Writing Tickets For Driving Too Slow

Atlanta (WDEF) – Pick up the pace when you hit traffic on the interstates around Atlanta.

That driver behind you may be speeding, but you could be the one that gets the ticket.

WSB TV reports that the Georgia State Patrol has now written 269 violations of the so-called "Slow Poke Law" since it went on the books nine months ago.

And most of those tickets are in the Atlanta area.

The new law is designed to cut down on road rage and aggressive driving incidents by removing the thing that ticks them off.

It says that if a driver comes up behind you in the right lane, even if they are speeding, it’s your responsibility to switch lanes.

State patrol officials say they started by just writing warnings in the first few months after the law passed.

But now, you’re going to have to pay for a violation.

However, they admit most drivers still don’t know about the law.

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