Georgia Voting Bills : Protection Vs. Suppression

Chickamauga, Ga. (WDEF)- Residents and officials in North Georgia are going back and forth debating whether the latest reform bills protect or surpass the election process.

Senator Jeff Mullis has co-sponsored multiple reform bills that would place more restrictions on Georgia voters.

The legislation includes banning ballot drop boxes and requiring a form of I-D for absentee voting.

“I think showing the I-D’s is safer. Of course it’s safer because you’re not going to get to be able to falsify who you are.”

There is also legislation on the House floor that would shorten the time frame to request an absentee ballot.

“Since when I was a child I hear about places where they had a poll tax and a literacy test” said North Georgia resident and Chairman of the Walker County Republican Party David Boyle.

Boyle is disappointed in his Republican leaders.

“Mr. Mullis is an intelligent man” said Boyle. “I don’t know why he’s doing this but to reduce the number of voters I think.”

Senator Mullis sent a statement to News 12 saying in part “Many did not vote. I am trying to boost the numbers by by improving the integrity and the confidence of the election process.”

“I predict that there will be fewer elderly Republican voter in whatever election comes next and on the other hand, one way to motive people to vote is to give them the impression that you don’t want them to vote” said Boyle.

There other other bills supported by house republicans.

One of the more strict legislations is a bill that limits eligibility for mail in voting.

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