Alexian Brothers PACE Providing Geriatric Medicine in Hamilton County

Chattanooga, Tenn. (WDEF) – As ten thousand people turn 65 years old every day, the need for geriatric medicine grows just as quickly.

In Hamilton county, older adults can seek healthcare from PACE, a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly. Alexian Brothers PACE in Hamilton County serves 275 older adults but can provide healthcare services for up to 325 adults.

“We have plenty of room for people who are looking for care – usually it’s folks that are home bound and their caregivers are struggling to help them on a daily basis. And when they find PACE, it’s a breath of fresh air because we can give that respite time to the care giver and the family and serve the older adult,” says Colleen Combs, marketing director for Alexian Brothers PACE in Chattanooga.

PACE combines Medicare, Medicaid, and TennCare benefits to provide home care, adult daycare, transportation to medical appointments as well as physician care and primary care. In addition, PACE provides occupational, speech, and physical therapy as well as medications.

The PACE healthcare model is in 32 states but the Alexian Brothers PACE is the only one in Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, or Kentucky. Alabama has one PACE in Mobile.

There are around 6 board certified geriatric physicians in the Chattanooga area; Alexian Brothers PACE employees 3 of them.

For more information on Alexian Brothers PACE, visit their website at  or call them at (423) 698-0802.

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