Getting Girls Involved in STEAM Programs

Officials say the need for more women in Science and Technology fields continues to grow.

That’s why one local tech company helped get more girls involved in STEAM careers.

“About 75% of middle school girls express interest in STEM related field. Unfortunately by the time those girls reach the end of high school that number drops down to about 1%, said Reana Hill Director of Special Projects of Tech Town.

That’s why Tech Town is taking the initiative to get more young women involved in STEAM programs.

STEAM stands for Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math.

The tech based learning center is encouraging all children to be more involved in STEAM programs, but there is a growing need for more women to be involved in the tech world.

Tech Town has already partnered with several Hamilton County Schools and students who are interested in STEAM careers.

This fall their launching the STEAM Girls program…

“We intend of using the STEM girl’s model to pull out girls specifically in those learning partnerships and so those will be girls only classes and we’ll be doing kind of girl centric things”, said Hill.

“Whether you have a college degree or not if you have the ability they will give you a shot because they need the help so much. Your large automotive manufactures all across the Southeast of the US are looking for people that are deep in megatronics ” said CEO of Tech Town Cordell Carter II.

Kids at tech town are learning how to build robots, create and film their movies, and code.

“It’s amazing girls can learn to do this. And people think that like girls can’t do as much as guys can and it’s really kind of cool to see we can both do things equally, said 11-year-old Maggie.

Click here for more information about Tech Town STEAM Girls Program.

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