Gig Tank Hits the Gig City

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – Dozens of the nation’s most exciting startups competed for a spot in the 2015 Gig Tank hosted in Chattanooga.

The two month startup accelerator has officially begun and businesses who made the cut have begun their work, their collaboration with investors, and the utilization of Chattanooga’s lightning fast, world famous, internet.

"There’s a boat right here. And like here’s the water," said a tester in virtual reality goggles taking a virtual real estate tour built by Evolvr Media.

Evolvr is one of several companies participating in this years Gig Tank.

"We want to immerse the viewers in a completely different environment, allow them to experience it, to look around, to get a real sense of space and really feel what that room or that building or that place is like," said Tyler Hays with Evolvr Media.

Startups and entrepreneurs from North America and Europe converge upon Chattanooga for two intensive months to advance their applications and businesses, work with investors and enjoy the scenic city’s gigabyte infrastructure.

"We’re bringing in companies that are large, that are small, universities, investors, and foundations," said Alex Lavidge, the director of Gig Tank. "They’re all coming together asking themselves how are these technologies like big-data, virtual realtiy, 3-D printing, wireless networks, and artificial intelligence going to affect our business so that we can ensure that in the future we have both a healthy startup economy as well as a healthy traditional economy here in Chattanooga in the 21st century."

Chattanooga has come along way since Walter Cronkite christened it the dirtiest city in America.

"The city itself I feel like is very interested in young start up companies," said Hays. "You get a sense of that around here. You get a sense of the way the city is moving and growing and you don’t get that in alot of places."

Chattanooga, also known as Gig City, has the fastest internet in the Western Hemisphere so what better place to host Gig tank.

"Utilizing the gig infrastructure here offers something that other cities don’t."

Gig Tank teams have room and board provided by the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

The Gig Tank is hosted by the Company Lab, a Chattanooga-based startup incubator.

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