Glenwood community members express concern over shattered utility pole

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – A broken utility pole in the Glenwood neighborhood is quite a concern for community members. 

The neighborhood association says they have been trying to get this pole removed for years now.

The pole was involved in a fatal car accident in 2019.

Since then it has remained in its shattered broken state and a hazard for the neighborhood.

“It’s in our neighborhood park. It’s a liability to our association if anyone gets hurt,” says Donald Sanderfur, Glenwood Neighborhood association. 

Sanderfur says the community is scared that the broken pole will injure someone or be involved in taking another life. 

“If someone is driving and it’s a dark-colored pole. So if someone comes by and doesn’t see it. They are going to run into it and it’s going to go into their car,” says Sanderfur. 

The community has been consistently trying to have the pole removed by AT&T- but so far the company has failed to take care of the problem since 2019.

“We have talked to customer service , the area supervisor, and sent pictures of the pole. We have only gotten one response where they came and laid half the pole on the ground; the other half is still sticking in the ground with very jagged edges,” says Sanderfur. 

As a result of this story, News 12 contacted AT&T about this hazard. In response, They say they sent a crew out to remove the pole and the hazard is no longer there. 

The community is excited for the pole to no longer be a safety hazard for their area.

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