Golden Apple Award: Shannon Seigel, Stem School Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – When cutting edge technology is combined with hard work and kindness, learning is sure to follow. Those qualities merge seamlessly in Shannon Seigle’s classroom at Stem School Chattanooga.

Tony Donen is the Principal.

He says, “Ms. Seigel is a wonderful teacher. She is what we call ‘The Science Beast’. She is a science educator of the world. She has won teacher of the year across the state in terms of her science work and education.”


When asked to describe herself, Seigel says, “Shannon Seigel is a 25-year veteran of teaching who fell into teaching, because I needed a job, but actually fell in love with teaching. I absolutely love working with kids. I love the a-ha moments that they get. I love when I see somebody that thought they couldn’t do science or were bad at it (based on a test score) they come to life when they’re like oh this is kind of cool or, we’re not worried about the test, necessarily, we’re worried about like investigating in.”

Belle Jenkins is a Senior at Stem School of Chattanooga.

She says, “Why did I write the letter? Ms. Seigel is a very important part of my life. She is one of the teachers that actually make me enjoy going to school. Covid was very hard, it made me not want to work with school, and you know my motivation went so low, but then I had Ms. Siegel for physics and that class was one of the hardest classes I’ve ever taken, yet she continued to support me through the whole thing.”

Taryn Kenney is a Junior at Stem School of Chattanooga.

Taryn says, “I honestly think she’s just great. She’s great with my anxiety. She really understands all of us.”

Ms. Seigel adds, “My husband, when I met my husband (he’s a little bit older than I am) he actually was a teacher. So, he inspired me and kind of showed me like how I  could have an impact. When you see the fruits of your labor, and kids being successful turning their lives around, and becoming you know what their ultimate dream was. I mean that’s the payoff for a teacher it’s not the money it’s the impact.”



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