Golden Apple: Ashley Frogg, Rossville Elementary

ROSSVILLE, GA (WDEF) – Ashley Frogg has a gift for connecting with some of youngest students at Rossville Elementary. She lays the foundation for a life-long love of learning. That lesson is not lost on the parents of even her newest students.

Courtney Gadd is the principal at Rossville Elementary.

She says, Ms. Frogg is definitely a relationship Builder with her children. She meets the children where they are every single day, every child can learn in her classroom. She’s excited to see them learn. It doesn’t matter what kind of day they are having when they come in, they’re always going to have a great day in just a few minutes.

When asked to describe herself, Ms. Frogg says, “Ashley Frogg is crazy. She loves children. I have 11 children that I live with at home, and then in, case that’s not enough. I also show up and have 20 kids here. So, children are my life. I think that’s a very fair statement.”

Kristin Guthrey is an intern at Rossville Elementary.

She says,”Miss Frogg has been a really good mentor for me for the past year, and I’m just very thankful for all that she’s taught me in and outside of the classroom. She just does a lot for the students here and at home. She’s just overall a really good person for me to look up to, and I’m really thankful that I’ve met her many, many years ago.”

Ms. Frogg continues, “Just my love for kids and seeing that light bulb go off, and I love Rossville. Rossville is and can be a challenging environment at times, and those are the kids that need us the most, and that’s where, that’s just where I fit in and where I belong.”


Barry Taylor is a paraprofessional at Rossville Elementary.

He says, “That’s probably the biggest thing is the way she interacts. She was down on the floor with them today reading, a book that we put together. Kirsten and Ashley put together, but down there with them and just very hands-on.

Ms. Frogg concludes, “I think I’ve just always been drawn to kids, and I had my own kid at early age, and so it just seemed to be the right path. I love making a difference, and for our kids here, education is their ticket to anything and everything they want to be. So, it makes a big difference and it’s meaningful.



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