Golden Apple: Ashley Shankles-Johnson, Jasper Middle School

JASPER, TN (WDEF) – Social Studies typically encompass history, civics, geography, and more. It’s a big subject for seventh graders to wrap their minds around. Good thing Jasper Middle School has a very dedicated teacher.

Ashley Shankles-Johnson has been known to scour yard sales to find items that she uses to bring her lessons to life.

Amanda Crisp is the  Assistant Principal at Jasper Middle School.

She says, “Ms. Shankles is a phenomenal Social Studies and History teacher. She has taught at Jasper Middle School for many years, and students are always very excited to come to her classroom. She is always looking for better ideas to incorporate into her lessons, and as you will be able to tell from my students they absolutely love Ms. Johnson’s room.”

When asked to describe herself, Ashley says, “Ashley Johnson is a teacher. She has been teaching for 18 years now. It seems like yesterday I started it. It has gone by really really quick.”

Trenton Bussey is a 7th Grader at Jasper Middle School.

He says, “Ms. Johnson is a very good teacher, because she likes to help us with our work and teach us how social studies goes.”

7th grader Madie Ellis chips in, “She’s a really fun teacher, and she is a really good teacher, and she is really nice. She teaches us what we need to know in a fun way.”

Ashley adds, “Our kids need somebody to prepare them for what life is like outside of these building walls, and I feel like I need to do that. My mom, she was a teacher for 33 years. I also had some really great teachers in high school. Many of the students are not going to find themselves in West Africa, or in the middle of Europe, or in the jungles of South America, and so if I can find something, and I call them my artifacts. If I can find something that is tangible and that students can look at and say all that has something to do with what we’re teaching. It’s not just black and white words with them on a sheet of paper.  I want them to enjoy school. And enjoyed coming to school and knowing that their teachers have every love to them and they want what’s best for them and to just learn.”



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