Golden Apple Award: Amy Bufkin, Silverdale Baptist Academy

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Amy Bufkin teaches Economics and History at Silverdale Baptist Academy, but dollars and cents and past events are only a small part of her commitment to her students. Bufkin is also a Student Council Sponsor and she seldom misses a ballgame.

Taylor Hasty is the Principal at Silverdale.

Hasty says, “The best thing about her is how much she loves her students. You know every teacher has a talent for a content and helping their students learn, but she has a unique ability to help students grow, not just in the classroom but out of it.

When asked to describe herself, Ms. Bufkin says. “She is a teacher, an educator and a follower of Christ. I was studying history and political science in college, and I was going to go to law school, and I worked for a summer at a girls camp in Mentone, Alabama where I worked with teenagers. And I just kinda fell in love with the idea of working with America’s youth.”

Elijah Ingram is a senior at Silverdale.

He says, “Miss Bufkin is awesome. She is super encouraging to us especially whenever we feel like we aren’t doing that well on tests or quizzes and really a great teacher, all around inside and outside of the classroom.”

Vada Jane Kelley is also a Silverdale Senior.

Vada says, “She is really compassionate and she always has a lot of her stuff together, and she is willing to help kids, you know and go outside of the classroom which is always appreciated.”

Ms. Bufkin concludes, “I was influenced a lot by my family. My grandmother is 93 years old, and she worked her entire life just giving back to people, and it really was like my faith in Christ that kind of let me to like wanting to make relationships. I think he made me to be really, really understood to other people, and spending that time with students and helping to equip them for the future, has just become like a life goal that I really feel like was poured into me by my family. It’s innate in me to be a teacher. I feel like teaching is a calling and not something you can just learn to do. I don’t think, there’s anything else that I want to do. So I teach because it’s part of who I am. Our school here at Silverdale Hill is a family, and everybody in your family is supposed to be on your team helping you meet the needs around them. And so, I can do that in any part to anybody that’s here than that, it makes my life better to be able to give in that regard.”





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