Golden Apple Award: Amy Millican, LaFayette Middle School

LAFAYETTE, GA (WDEF) -Good teachers balance warmth and compassion with the firmness it takes to get things done. The describes Lafayette Middle School’s Amy Millican to a “T”.

Jamie Debity is the Principal at LaFayette Middle School.

She says, “Miss Millican does a wonderful job with her special needs children. She is here for them. She is like a mother in the building. She has great communications with the parents and she is just fabulous with these kids.”

When asked to describe herself, Ms. Millican says, “I am a community based educator. Mom of two, wife of Greg Millican. I am also an education, agricultural education advocate for Walker County schools, Walker county 4H.”

Principal Debity adds, “Her difference is her compassion for those kids. She calls them her babies. So, that is the biggest thing you can see. You see that every day. They come up and give her a hug and she is there for them and every capacity.”

Ms. Millican concludes, “I have been in Special Education for 11 or 12 years. When I see my students, my community-based students and also my students with disabilities, I see the able and the hero, not the label, and I really believe in what I do, and I am here for them, and it’s not just a job, it’s personal. I just had a situation with my nephew with down syndrome. He is in emergency hospital in Atlanta and so this is a personal thing to me, as much as it is I can’t do something, but I do not have a passion for. They have and are being taught concepts as difficult as synonyms and antonyms, positive and negative numbers, how to do coordinate planes, how to plot. In addition, we are writing paragraphs every week that correlate around learning what declarative sentences are, and so, it’s my job to help prepare them even now in middle school for that. They have to get ready for high school and wrapping their minds around that. My goal for my students in this, in this CBE environment, I want them to know that they are loved, they are heard, they have a voice, that they are able, and that there is a hero In each of them.”



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