Golden Apple Award: Dr. Martha Plumlee, Dade Elementary

TRENTON, GA  (WDEF) –  You could give Dr. Martha Plumlee an A+ for selflessness. The Dade Elementary Teacher has been known to Zoom homebound students after her regular school day wraps up. She’ll even drop off learning packets and fun activities right to a child’s door.

Tracy Blevins is the Principal at Dade Elementary.

She says, “Dr. Plumlee  is a dedicated educator who  is always willing to go the extra mile for her kids, for her staff and also for me as a principal, I have the pleasure of actually helping her to become a principal one day. She really wants to go into administration.”

Martha describes herself this way, “Dr. Plumlee is, I’m a wife, I am a mother of four, I am a grandmother of  six, seven. I’ve lost count, and I am a educator. It’s my heart. It’s my life, I love it. I can’t think of doing anything different.”

Jessica Castillo is the parent of a child in Dr. Plumlee’s class.

She proclaims, “Ivan looks forward to seeing her every single day for Zoom. She Zooms him after her regular school day with her own students in the school building. We are just really blessed, and she delivers things personally to our house. X pro markers, work packets, books, magnifying glasses, I mean she has really gone above and beyond. She really, she really is supposed to be a teacher. That is her calling, and we are very blessed that she is in our lives.”

Dr. Plumlee explains, “Building the relationships with the students I think it gives me more insight into them, and I can watch and learn from them and learn how they learn and be able to teach them accordingly. Each day is different. There are no two days that are the same in each classroom. They are fun. They are challenging. They are inspiring. They are motivating. I learn a lot from them every single day. I want every child to be successful. I want them to grow into productive citizens, and I believe that a child learns best by engaging in other activities and experiencing the learning, not just having to listen to a teacher talk.


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