Golden Apple Award: Jennifer Murray, DuPont Elementary

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – A child’s first teacher plays a vital role in establishing a lifelong love of learning. It’s a job that requires plenty of patience, and if you don’t love it, kids can sense it. Dupont Elementary’s Jennifer Murray checks all those boxes and many more.

Kelly Weiss is the in Principal at DuPont.

She explains,  “Miss Murray has a heart for children. She is one that you can always come in and see her engaging with the kids. She is always walking around, working with them. She knows were all her students are at and how to best help them be their best selves.”

Ms. Murray says, “I have taught for 15 years now. I’ve been at Dupont most of my teaching career. I just love teaching and love being in a school setting. I always wanted to be a teacher from a very young age. My grandmother was a teacher, my mom was a teacher, so just Kinda A family tradition I guess. I had wonderful teachers growing up so I love school and that’s what I hope to do for my students.”

She continues, “We do all kinds of fun things. We sing and dance and dress up and just have a great time learning.”


Principal Weiss adds,”So, as they are learning how to make motor sounds, they are learning how to add. She is helping making it fun and exciting for them.”


Ms. Murray explains, “Do you want to ingrain ‘I love learning’ and the love for school, and I feel like kindergarten is where all of that happens. It is their first experience in the school and so it sets the pace for them.”

She concludes, “I want them to be successful, and I want them to be the wonderful humans that I know they will be. I want to be invited to their high school graduation and their college graduations, and I just want them to do well for themselves.”



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