Golden Apple Award: Jennifer Turner, Westview Elementary

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Jennifer Turner has a passion and a joy that shines in all she does. That enthusiasm makes learning fun for students in her Westview Science Lab.

Debbie Caudle is the Principal at Westview Elementary School.

She explains, “I cannot say enough about Miss Turner and the time that she gives to the school, and the investment that she puts into the school each and every day. She truly loves the students, every day with a smile. Every day doing what’s best for students, what’s right for students. We just love her, and she is such a great asset to Westview Elementary.

Jennifer describes herself like this, “I am a mom. I’m a wife. I am a friend. I am a teacher. I was actually a police officer before I was a teacher, and I got into teaching. I have got kids in elementary school. I have three kids that go here, and it just kind of happened.

When asked about teaching a lab, Jennifer explains, “We do do a lot of food. We, I like to tie food into education because food brings people together, and everybody likes to eat, and it’s exciting for the kids. As they learn how to follow recipes and convert the measurements and then they get to see what they made and eat it and enjoy it together. I love having fun with the kids. I love laughing.”

She continues,   Having fun while learning. I love the kids. I love them being so exciting to learn. I love them coming in and just being, ‘Yes, I get to come in today. I get to have fun!’ I hope they remember to be confident, and we do a lot of getting up and talking in front of each other, so I hope they always remember to be confident in their decisions, and have fun while working.”



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