Golden Apple Award: Joann Hellman, Brainerd Baptist School

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – From Pre-K, to Sunday School, to YMCA fitness, Joann Hellman has a heart for service. The Brainerd Baptist Community is truly blessed to have her in their lives. Mrs. Hellman doesn’t seek recognition, but she certainly deserves the Golden Apple Award.

Regina Ateca is the Assistant Head of School at Brained Baptist.

She says, “Ms. Hellman is amazing. She is at school earlier than everybody else. She prepares for the children so well, and the greatest thing about Ms. Hellmann is she loves them tremendously. And she loves the families with the children. ”

When asked to describe herself, Hellman says, “Who am I? Well… a teacher. I’ve taught for many, many years. I started when I was really young. Always wanted to be a teacher. I was the kind of student that went to elementary school, and I loved it.”

Paise Friddell is an Assistant Pre-K Teacher at Brainerd Baptist.

Friddell says, “She puts her energy into these kids. She loves them so much. That’s all she wants to do is just make the day the best day that they’ve ever had. And for them to enjoy school for their life.”

Ms. Hellman explains, “The best part is just spending time with the children. They are fun, every day is different, and I love being with Paise. They keep me young. They keep me in my toes, keep me sharp. They keep me learning.

We asked, “What do you want them to remember most about you?”

Ms. Hellman said, “Just that I loved them, and just how I treated them. They will learn to read. They’ll learn to write, but I just want them to remember how much I cared for them.”



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