Golden Apple Award: Karina Martin, Daisy Elementary

SODDY-DAISY, TN (WDEF) – Karina Martin started her life halfway around the world in Poland, but she has dedicated her career to helping American children grow up to become productive citizens. No moment is wasted in her Kindergarten Class at Daisy Elementary. Her hard work and unending kindness earned Ms. Martin this week’s “Golden Apple Award.”


Principal Jill Hall describes her this way, “Miss Martin is a very hard worker. She goes above and beyond for our students at Daisy. She teaches kindergarten and she does a wonderful job. Getting them ready for their other school grade experience.”

When asked about herself, Karina says, “Karina Martin as a mother and a wife and a teacher. I teach kindergarten at Daisy Elementary. and I have been teaching for 13 years. This is my 14th year so as a matter of fact.  You might hear a slight accent in my voice. I am originally from Poland but I’ve been here in America for almost 21 years now. The person that influenced me to become a teacher was actually my Physical Ed teacher in elementary school. He would never let us give up. He was pushing us. And helping us to succeed. The best thing about teaching especially kindergarten is to see the growth; when students come to school to see what they can or cannot do, and when they leave kindergarten how much they have accomplish throughout the year.

Ashley Latham also teaches Kindergarten at Daisy.

She says, “Miss Martin is not only my best friend, but a awesome mentor. She is what I like to call a critical friend. We are there for each other. We have each other’s back. But we also help each other become better at our jobs and in life in general. She is such a great example of what a true educator is at heart. She takes time with her children and families. And she just helps everyone become better people.”

Karina concurs and concludes, “I would love them to be productive members of society, more than anything. You know we can know how to read and how to write, but if we are not being a productive member of society, it seemed as if our work has failed. So I am looking forward to my students being productive members of society. Having compassion understanding being kind and loving.”


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