Golden Apple Award: Lori Case, Dade Elementary

TRENTON, GA (WDEF) – When graduates of Dade Elementary are asked to name a teacher they will always remember, Lori Case’s name pops up quite often. She’s been known to make Math more interesting by adding pumpkin tasting to the equation. Mrs. Case is always standing by with a smile and an encouraging word.

Assistant Principal Heath Johnson says, “Ms. Case is a phenomenal teacher. She goes above and beyond every day for her students. She, she loves them like they are her own kids, and they are her kids. I mean, there is really not words that I can express that just explain what she does every day for these guys.

Lori Case describes herself this way, “I am a mom of two wonderful children. I am a teacher of 17 to 23 depending on the day, and I love kids. I love to see the progress the children make. I love to be around them and instill the love of learning in the children.”

Academic Coach Darlene Rogers adds, “She is the queen of small group instruction. She finds out what children need, and she targets those needs, and gives those instructional strategies and small group instructions. She is just a phenomenal educator.”

Counselor Tinena Bice says, “She always knows what her needs are, and if she can’t help them with those needs, she reaches out to us to help the students. She works with the families too, so well. We are so proud of Mrs. Case. We love her and we appreciate her so much.”

Lori concludes, “Part of my class is quarantine, and some are here. One thing that I do enjoy though, is when we do a Zoom lesson, I get to see them, or whenever we are able to, they are recording the voice is reading and we just sit. If I’m at home reading, my family sits and grades as I listen to those babies read as well. Love the babies. I hope they remember that I love them, and that I want them to succeed. I want them to do anything in the world that they are able to do, because I know they can.



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