Golden Apple Award: Lu Ann Carey, Bradley Central

CLEVELAND, TN (WDEF) – Homegrown teachers often have a unique understanding of the communities they serve. That certainly describes Bradley Central’s Lu Ann Carey. When she’s not in the classroom, you’ll find her in the FFA greenhouse. Her strong roots earned Lu Ann Carey the Golden Apple Award.

Patrick Spangler is Principal at Bradley Central High School.

He says, “We are so fortunate to have Miss Lu Ann Carey on our campus. She has been on our campus for 17 years, and she is also a former student at Bradley Central high school that had an opportunity to go through this program as a student and now leads our AG program.”

When asked to describe herself, Ms. Carey says, “Lu Ann Carey is a former agriculture student from Bradley Central high school. FFA and agriculture was a huge part of my life, and it directed me into the education that I got, which is in horticulture plants and science, and it was just a great foundation.”

She continues, “The most important thing in my class is to learn to think on your own, to be able to rationalize what to do in situations, to be able to problem solve and to be able to learn things that will help you in life.”

When asked about her students, Lu Ann says, “They have confidence.  I want them to have confidence. I want them to be able to figure things out. I want them to know what direction they want to go in life. I guess more than anything, I want them to be successful.”



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