Golden Apple Award: Molly Epperson, East Hamilton High School

Ooltewah, TN (WDEF) – Molly Epperson has made a career out of inspiring young musicians to follow their passion.She’s taught High School Marching Band and several other musical subjects for more than a decade at East Hamilton High. Mrs. E teaches her students to hold each other accountable, and you can hear the results.

Matt Thurman is the Assistant Principal at East Hamilton High.

He says, “Ms. Epperson is fantastic. East Hamilton High School is lucky to have her. The kids love her. She works extremely long hours for us to have a very successful band and color guard program here at East Hamilton. We are so proud of her getting this achievement.”

Ms. Epperson explains, “I am the Band Director here at East Hamilton High School. I have been here since we have opened, and we have come along way. We have done a lot of different things here, and it is really exciting to see the growth of the kids in the family that we have been able to form here. With all of the kids really coming together, it really is a family.

Lyndsey Lorant is a Sophomore at East Hamilton High.

Lyndsey says, “She is really sweet and kind. She always puts a smile on my face, and every day when I come to school I look forward to going to class.”

Grace Johnson is a Junior, East Hamilton.

Grace agrees, “Even if you are outside of band she really makes it a point to talk to you and make sure that you are OK. She has always been here for me and I know, for a lot of other students, it is the same.”

Mikayla Boge is also a Junior at East Hamilton.

Mikayla chips in, “She is basically everyone’s second mom. She is very respectful of everyone. She is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.”

Senior Seth Colling says, “Mrs. E is simply an inspiration to me every day how she acts and how she teaches the class. She is how I want to be.”

Ms. Epperson explains, “As far as motivation goes, my band directors and my band experience both in high school and college really made me want to do this, made me want to continue and give back for the experiences I got.  Of course, I didn’t start playing until the sixth grade and really didn’t know anything about it, and then when I was in college I got a scholarship for music and I was like oh maybe I should try this music education thing and get started with it and have been here ever since.”


She concludes, “What do I want for them? I want them to be good people. I want them to be good musicians, but above all I want them to be good people, and that is what we do in band. We make good people.”



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