Golden Apple Award: Richard Hardy’s Coach Tommy Wells

SOUTH PITTSBURG, TN (WDEF) – Tommy Wells is an institution at Richard Hardy Memorial School in South Pittsburg. He coaches baseball and teaches history. Through the decades, he has displayed genuine kindness to all his students and players.

Beth Webb is the Director of Schools at Richard Hardy.

She says, “Coach Wells is awesome. He loves the kids. That is number one, and the kids love him, and he has a great rapport with all of his students. He teaches, US history, world history, government and economics, and he gets the kids really involved, and they have a good time in his class.”

When asked to describe himself, Coach Wells says, “Tommy Wells is, I hope, somebody who cares about these kids. You know he tries to set an example each day. He tries to be a motivator each day. He tries to be a encourager each day.”


Ashlyn Hyatt is a Freshman at Richard Hardy.

She says, “Coach Wells is honestly, overall, an amazing person, and honestly he helps me in History. And I stress, in my opinion, I can comprehend and learn better with him.”

Sophomore Wyatt Hulby chips in, “He’s a great teacher; a great baseball player coach. I couldn’t ask for anything more of him. He is an awesome teacher, I mean always does his work to the fullest. Both in the classroom and on the baseball diamond.”

Coach Wells explains, “I just really enjoy what I am doing. I get approached a lot by a lot of friends and such as that and they say, ‘Do you know Tommy or coach when are you going to retire?’ Do you know when I quit having an impact that’s when I will retire. I feel like teaching is a calling, coaching is a calling, and you know when you get to the point when you stop doing it counter what is your purpose. I did this for 40 years, and I still enjoy doing it. I’ve got years in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. I don’t know how much longer I will do it but I sure enjoy it.”





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