Golden Apple: Bradley Reece

BRADLEY COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – A teacher at Valley View Elementary knows one of the best ways to get kids to learn, is to get them involved.

Bradley Reece takes that a step further, and even dresses up as characters to motivate his kids.

Principal Jeremy Jones says Mr. Reece makes learning fun.

“There was one time I came in and he was a rockstar that was teaching his students about the importance of math and how it ties into music. And so, you just never knowing what can be found, but also that his heart is in it for the kids.”

Reece knows that dressing up makes his lesson plans more memorable.

“We can’t necessarily go back in time and a time machine. But if I can make the room feel like we are in that time period, then it can make an awesome experience, whether they are experiencing real life as to what those people in the past had experience.”

Reece says he always wanted to teach.

Now, he’s doing on that on a daily basis at Valley View Elementary.

He says he’ll do whatever it takes to reach his students.

“I don’t want them to walk out thinking school is this boring thing that they have to come to every day. I want them to be thinking, what are we going to be doing today. I can’t wait to get there.”

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