Golden Apple: Ginny Johnson

DALTON, Georgia (WDEF) – Ginny Johnson came to teaching a little later in life.

But that has not stopped her love, and enthusiasm for her job.

The Dalton Middle School teacher connects with her students in a very special way.

Principal Lauri Johnson says this teacher has made a big impact on the school.

“She is just amazingly energetic, has so much fun with her students and with her colleagues. Cares about each and every kid that walks in here to the point of, her heart breaks if their heart is broken.”

Ginny Johnson does not have children of her own, so this Language Arts teacher treats her students like part of her family.

“I try to find their strengths and everything that they do because they all have something that pinpoints, and they can work better on. But I want them to discover their learning. I’m just there to help try to navigate it. They teach me as much as I teach myself. They keep me on my toes.”

Johnson says her teaching is very rewarding, and engaging.

Her passion has earned her this week’s Golden Apple Award.

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