Golden Apple: Kim Rhodes

FLINTSTONE, Georgia (WDEF) – Kim Rhodes started her career at Chattanooga Valley Elementary as a teacher’s assistant.

She later decided that education was her calling.

She loves her students, and wants nothing but the best for them.

Rhodes is making a big impact on the school, according to Assistant Principal Tracy Llewellyn.

“Mrs. Rhodes is one of the most phenomenal people. She is a parent, a grandparent and her family lives in our community. And she is a true teacher at heart. She is warm and kind, and she’s always knows that she was meant to be a teacher.”

Rhodes has three grown children, and is a Grandmother herself.

She has been at Chattanooga Valley Elementary for almost 18 years.

She was a paraprofessional educator for 12 years, before deciding she wanted to be a teacher herself.

“A little bit later on in life I decided, hey, I love these people, I love everybody in this building, and I decided to go back and earn my own degree. So, I’ve actually been teaching first grade for only six years.”

Rhodes says teaching is a unique job, and is not always easy.

But she wants what’s best for her students.

That’s why this 1st grade teacher has earned this week’s Golden Apple Award.

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