Golden Lion Tamarin born at Chattanooga Zoo

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The Chattanooga Zoo has a new baby.

Their Golden Lion Tamarins, Fuego and Caliente, have had their first baby.

Golden Lion Tamarins are small, social South American primates found in the jungles of Brazil.

They had dwindled to just 500 in the wild, but breeding programs like this are bringing them back.

Stacy Laberdee, General Curator states, “We are honored to have a hand in the conservation of this important species through our work with the Species Survival Plan. The birth of a healthy, genetically diverse Golden Lion Tamarin is something to celebrate and should be considered a great success for conservation.”

The five year olds Fuego and Caliente were paired for this reason.

President and CEO of the Chattanooga Zoo, Darde Long, stated, “After all the hard work of our incredible staff, this joyous birth is so rewarding. It is vital to the animals that we continue these conservation programs and help re-establish their populations in the wild. This international partnership is essential to achieving this goal.”

Usually zoo babies are kept out of view for their first days.

But since the baby Golden Lion Tamarin was already on exhibit in the La Selva Amazonica building, they will leave it there.

They just ask visitor to be respectful and not disturb the stressed out parents.

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