Good samaritans step up after donation jar theft at Red Bank Thirft Store

Red Bank, TN (WDEF) – A good samaritan steps up to help after last week’s donation jar theft at the Red Bank Thrift Store.
    The money collected was to help people with hospice needs in the Red Bank area.
    The stolen donation jar funds were specifically ear-marked to build a handicapped accessible ramp for hospice patients.
    Daniel Shoats owns the Red Bank Thrift Store. He said, "After the news was aired, we’ve had at least 10 or more contractors that called up, volunteered their time, we’ve had a company in Middle Valley to offer us basically any kind of lumber that we needed, the community has brought in quite a bit of funding, and the ramp was started this morning, and hopefully will be finished by tomorrow evening."
    Also Monday investigators tell us they’ve gotten a lot of good tips and could make an arrest soon.

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