Google invests millions into northeast Alabama

Google plans to invest and build a 600-million dollar Data Center in northeast Alabama.

Gary Demasi, Google Representative said, "The fact that we landed here in Jackson county in this particular site is testiment to the fact that we found the right partners and the right community to meet our long term needs." Alabama government officials and TVA representatives met at the Widows Creek Plant in Stevenson Wednesday afternoon to discuss this major economic announcement to the area. Alabama Governor Robert Bentley said, "This will provide a significant boost to our state’s high tech sector. It will provide good jobs for our citizens and it will position our state for additional growth in this particular industry."

The investment will create up to 1-hundred high paying jobs. Governor Bentley said the decision to build a Data Center in Alabama is the start of a long lasting state partnership. Demasi said, "Essentially a Data Center is the heart beat or the back bone of what makes Google run as a company and what makes the internet run. It supports all of the products that you use everyday like Google maps, things like search, Android and the full array of products that Google has."

And the announcement of new jobs couldn’t have come at a better time. Ninety jobs are expected to be lost at the Widows Creek Plant before the end of this year. And hundreds of jobs were lost at the Bellefonte Nuclear Plant in Hollywood, Alabama as TVA decided to end its operations. Demasi said, "We respect the fact that we stand on the shoulders of TVA and the generations of workers in the Valley who built this system and actually worked at this plant."

Construction on the new Google Data Center is set to begin next year. This will be Google’s 14th Data Center globally.

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