Gov. Haslam speaks out on SNAP requirements

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam is speaking out about his decision to step up requirements to receive food stamps.

Haslam came to Chattanooga for the annual Convention and Visitors Bureau Luncheon.

This week, he announced that able bodied adults without dependants will soon have to get a job to receive SNAP benefits.

During the recession in 2008, the state got a waiver to allow able bodied residents to get help.

But with record unemployment in the state, the Governor says it’s hard to justify that now.

“The economy is strong right now, right? So, when unemployment is at a record low, you see less people on food stamps. It is all connected. So, it’s one of the reasons we’ve worked so hard on job creation and economic development is, there’s no government program that can replace a good job.”

The federal work requirement will begin again February 1st in 70 counties in Tennessee.

The waiver will remain in 16 counties, including Grundy and Bledsoe counties, which are designated as economically distressed.




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