Gov. Haslam Urges Support for Insure TN

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV)- Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam admits he has plenty of reservations about his "Insure TN" proposal to deal with Medicaid patients in Tennessee.
But he is touring the state explaining why those 250-thousand working poor need to be in the system.

DENNIS FREEMAN, CEO, CHEROKEE HEALTH CARE "We see folks whose lives have been knocked off track ..You know because of health conditions that they brought to us too late, you know because they’ve postponed care because they really felt there was no way they could pay their health care bill."

Dennis Freeman of Cherokee Health Systems says what could have been a 10-thousand dollar charge goes over 100-thousand because of lack of insurance for the working poor.

DR. VONDA WARE, CHEROKEE HEALTH CARE "If people cannot afford health care they’re not going to come to get health care. So they come when they’re sick…and when they’re sick, they are sick and that’s when hospital bills are just astronomical."

Governor Bill Haslam says it’s federal money being offered under the Affordable Health Care Act, and the special session of the general assembly next week needs to adopt the plan, which is better known as, "Insure Tennessee".

GOV. BILL HASLAM " We have to do something to address the healthcare cost curve..and I honestly believe this is a big step toward doing that."

The Governor spoke at Cherokee Health Systems in Chattanooga, a 501C3 organization that works with those who use the Medicaid system.
He points out that it’s the largest single expense in state government— one that keeps tax dollars from education and infrastructure.

GOV. BILL HASLAM "We can, you know, say we don’t like the bill…but unfortunately right now the bill is law…so the question is what do we do about where we are …How do we make the right choice given now?

And, with healthcare costs skyrocketing, the governor says it one way to put people on a path to better health decisions.

The governor says those who will be covered under the plan will work with a mentor to make sure they choose the plan best for them and their families.

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