Gov. Lee comments on vaccination program & Dr. Fiscus

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WDEF) – Governor Bill Lee waded into a couple of controversies that have been building this week in Tennessee.

Until today, he had not commented on the pause of the vaccination information campaign or the firing of Dr. Michelle Fiscus.

The Department of Health froze all information on their back to school drive in light of the vaccination controversy.

Gov. Lee on Thursday said it was just a marketing issue, not a vaccine issue.

He says the back to school vaccine drives are continuing.

But the marketing has been paused to make sure it is targeted to parents, not their kids.

“To make sure that parents are the deciding factor for childrens’ vaccinations, which is important. And I fully agree with that strategy.”

That pause came after the Department fired their vaccination leader without giving any explanation.

While the Governor did not refer to Dr. Fiscus by name, he said he supported his department leaders decision making on their personnel.

“I think they made them for what they thought was the right reason.”

He did not comment on her claims that she is being scapegoated, but says they did need to change direction of the campaign.

“I believe that the changes in the direction of the marketing for the department of health was the right change. Parents are the best decider of… actually they are the only appropriate decider of the health decisions for children.”

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